February ’19: Science diplomacy

For those RSVP’d: tomorrow is one of the largest monthly SPOT discussions to date! Join us at 12 PM in Ryan 4003 for a discussion on science diplomacy; led by Professor Mark Hersam (Chemistry, Materials Science). Prof. Hersam is a previous U.S. science envoy, and will be discussing his experiences with forging international connections in science […]

January ’19- Deliberations and community policy

Happy 2019 everyone!  This coming Friday, January 11th, in Silverman 4-510, will be our first meeting of the year (and our meeting for January). We’ll be teaming up with SAFE (Scientific Assemblies For Everyone), led by Dr. Chris Forman, to learn how deliberation can be utilized for community-driven policy formation. Chris will provide a brief introduction […]

December Discussion Social: CRISPR Babies

This month, we will be discussing a topic that has recently come up in the news- using CRISPR to modify human genes. What does this mean? How does it work? Is it ethical? What policy exists around this issue and what policy should be created? Relevant articles: Interview with George Church, Science,”I feel an obligation to be […]

Monthly Discussion Social

 Next Friday (October 5th) at noon in Silverman 4-510 SPOT will be holding its first monthly meeting of the year. Instead of having general body meetings, this year we will try out having monthly discussions on important topics in science policy.  Also, there will be pizza! We’d love to have your input on what topics would be most engaging […]